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The other day, I met one of my friends over coffee. And just when we were about to sip, he pulls out his phone and takes a picture of the coffee.

I simply appreciated his gesture with a smile!

But, just after a few sips of coffee, he starts doing something.

At this point, I was curious to know what’s so interesting that he’s so caught-up in his phone?

I asked him what was he doing? And he said that he was reviewing the coffee, where with each review, he earns points that eventually gets him rewards.

I was amazed by the idea and so I wanted to know what kind of rewards and how can I earn them too?

“Do you travel? Hangout? and Share your experience with anybody?” he asked.

“Well, I travel quite often and I also love to share my experience with friends,” I replied.

“Amazing! Then Google Local Guides is for you,” he said. Only then I got to know about the Google Local Guides Program.

And trust me, this is nothing less than a ‘traveller’s leisure way of earning rewards.’

So, what is Google Local Guides?

It is a program by Google where you can earn a lot of interesting rewards just by reviewing “the places you visit.”

Simple as that.

These rewards include coupons from OYO rooms, free subscription of Ola Select and a Google drive storage of 1TB. Not just that, Google also rewards its members with merchandises like t-shirts, bags and other accessories.

How to start earning these rewards?

All you have to do is write an honest review of the place you visit, on Google Maps. That’s it!

As and when you write reviews, you get points and once you start completing levels, you will get rewarded.

Here is a quick video that’ll help you understand how the app works:

I’ve earned my rewards, too!


What do you think? Are you interested in sharing your reviews on Google Maps.

Just share your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, let me know, if you wanna see more of this quick articles on FastRupee.

Thanks for reading!

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