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Fiverr is a website where people share things they are willing to do for $5.

You can offer to do something by saying “I will create a logo for $5” or “I will create your resume for $5” etc.

These small services sold on Fiverr are called ‘gigs’.

There are all types of services you can offer on fiverr.

Take a look at the image below for an example.


There are even gigs for reading palms or predicting the future!

All the gigs sold on fiverr have a fixed price of $5.

In Indian Rupees, that comes around Rs.300.

If you want to try fiverr, join here and get a Free $5 Credit.

You will get a service worth Rs.300 absolutely free.

How to earn money on Fiverr?

To earn money on fiverr, first you need to find what you can do for $5.

Then, start selling your service by creating a new gig.

For each gig you sell, you’ll receive $4 per sale as fiverr takes a 20% commission.

So, in India your profit will be Rs.250 per gig sold.

Okay, lets begin.

Follow the steps below to start making money on fiverr:

STEP 1: Identify your skills

Go to the categories section and see the types of service you can offer.

Then choose a category to view gigs posted by others in that category.

Think of a service that is either:

a) not provided by anyone yet or

b) something which is already there, but you’re confident that you can do it better.

This will help you find out what gig you can create.


STEP 2: Create your Gig

Once you’ve found out what you want to do, create your gig.

You need to get creative at this part and make sure your gig stands apart from the rest.

First, create a good title for your gig.

Instead of just saying “Logo design for $5”, say something like, “I will design an AWESOME & creative logo for $5”.

Below is another example of a gig posted on fiverr.


A Fiverr Gig

STEP 3: Make your gig attractive

If there are 50 people offering the same service, make yours the most attractive gig of them all! Upload pictures/videos to clearly demonstrate your work so that buyers know what they can expect. Offer freebies if you can, to attract more customers.

STEP 4: Choose gigs you can deliver quickly

After the Fiverr commission of 20%, your net profit is roughly $4 per gig. In India that is Rs.250. Calculate to see if the amount of work and time you’re putting is profitable for you. Based on your skills and interests, offer gigs you can deliver quickly.

STEP 5: Keep customers happy

After someone buys your gig you need to deliver it. Always try to deliver early. If that’s not possible, then deliver the gigs on time to keep your customers happy. Remember that if someone likes your service they might buy again from you. And they also leave you a positive feedback – which increases confidence of new buyers and increases your sales.


Feedback from a happy buyer

STEP 6: Communicate promptly

Sometimes a buyer might contact you before ordering your gig. You need to respond to them quickly to gain their trust. Excellent customer service and communication skills will make you look as a professional and more people will trust you.

Once a gig is delivered, thank the client for choosing you and ask for feedback.

STEP 7: Level Up

If you get lots of positive feedback and complete at least 10 orders within a month, you get promoted to Level 1 on Fiverr. Leveling up gets you access to ‘Gig extras’ and ‘Gig Multiples’.

Gig extras is where the real money is on fiverr.

Gig Extras are additional services that clients can add onto their initial purchase.

Gig Multiples allows a client to purchase multiple orders of your gig at one go.

These will increase your earnings by a lot.

If you become popular & your gigs starts getting more orders, use gig extras to earn more for tasks which take longer to complete.

An order with Gig extras

An order with Gig extras

Once you earn money from your gigs, you can transfer it to your paypal account. Fiverr will send the money to your paypal a/c first. And from there you can transfer the money to any bank account you want in India.

More Tips:

After you create a new gig, use social media platforms like facebook to advertise your gigs. Ask you friends & relatives to share your gig on thir profile. Also post meaningful comments on relevant website and tell them about the service you’re offering. For example, if you offer design related gig, comment/ask questions on a popular design blog. If share valuable comments regularly, people will be more interested in what you do.

Get creative and continuously focus on improving your customer’s experience. If you do this, the money will follow.

Fiverr is a great place to make money from home because it is a new platform for Indians. If you have enough creativity it is pretty easy to make good money.

Do you have a Fiverr story to share? Did we miss any tip? Write back to us or comment in the section below!

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