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If you’ve been trying to earn money online but have never even made a penny, that may be because you’re not fully aware of how earning money on the internet works! You may have tried various methods and tricks to earn money online, but it didn’t work. It’s because they don’t work at all. They’re just meant to scam you! Often people who are new to ‘earning money online’ fall prey to such scams and so did I.

I also started my online journey with a Google Search.

It took no time to get me excited when I looked at the search results. Without a blink, I started to try out each website.

I put a lot of time and efforts into jobs like PPC, Data entry, and Surveys.

Hours and Hours of work…

After making few bucks, I realized that most of such sites are fake/scam. And the few sites that are actually genuine, pay a very little amount, which was not worth my time.

This lead me to do my own research and find ways through which one can actually make money online. And I thought to share this amazing knowledge with as many people as I can.

My goal is to teach the right methods of earning money online so that you don’t waste your time and money like I did. In this article, I’m going to highlight the MYTH’s people believe in with regards to earning money online. I’ll show you the various misconceptions that people generally have, which stops them from earning money online.

So, let’s get started:

MYTH #1 – I can become a millionaire overnight

No! You can’t earn so much money overnight without doing anything. Earning money, online or offline, is as difficult as it sounds.

People will claim to show you ways with which you can become a millionaire overnight, but you need to be careful. These are exactly the scams I was talking about earlier. Some will even try to sell you a blueprint showing you step by step how to make a lot of money, but the truth is that it’s all a scam. Still, you can make a million dollars online. Yes! I mean it. It takes a lot of hard-work, dedication and time. You need to be working consistently and be patient during the whole process. It’s not a piece of cake, and it’s also not impossible. There are also few experts who can guide you on that path. For which, you need to find the right ones and follow their advice to be successful.

Here are the top websites, that I personally follow:

SmartPassiveIncome (Best Blog on the Internet)

ShoutMeLoud (Best Blog in India)

MYTH #2 – The more time I put in, higher will be my income

Some people believe that the more time they spend working online, higher will be their income. But this belief is not completely true. In the sense, you do need to put in a lot of time and effort but your income solely depends upon the quality you provide.

For instance, person A might get paid for writing an article on iWriter while person B’s article may get rejected. In this case, both might have put in the same amount of time, done, almost same amount of work but one earns, and the other doesn’t. It’s because person A’s content was of high quality and delivered more value. While person B’s content was not that great and thus got rejected by the client. Hence, quality is the key. It doesn’t have to do “only” with the hours of work you put in.

MYTH #3 – I can make a lot of money without investment

This is as false as good it sounds! You sure can earn a good amount of money online as a freelancer, but if you want to play the bigger game — You’ll have to invest. Investment can be of anything, from building a website to hiring freelancers to promotion & marketing.

It is nearly impossible for one to make millions without investing in anything.

MYTH #4 – Earning money online is a piece of cake

Often people think earning money online is very easy. They think they can earn thousands of rupees without putting in a lot of effort. Like money was automatically going to fall. In reality, It is not like that. Earning money online requires a lot of hard work, dedication, patience, and talent. You cannot just make a website and expect a lot of traffic getting generated. You have to build an amazing website, publish quality content that adds a lot of value to your readers and then promote it.

It’s not that easy even while I’m saying this. Because when you start working on each process, it actually takes time.

MYTH #5 – I need a lot of technical know-how

Some people think that only computer geeks, with intense computer knowledge, can earn money online and people without it, can’t earn at all. But this is not true!

You don’t need to be a coding ninja to earn money online.

Anyone can earn, provided they have something valuable to offer that others would be interested in buying. For instance, a graphic designer need not know how to code in order to sell his designs online. However, it is always good to keep learning. Those days are gone when only coders could build a website, today anyone can do it!

Watch this simple 5-min video to create your website


MYTH #6 – I can make a lot of money with PPC/ Survey sites

SCAM ALERT! PPC sites and survey sites are the biggest scams that are around us. Thousands of people have been the victims of these scams.

There are also many websites that provide you a “CD Pack/Blueprint” for getting jobs online. For which, they themselves charge a thousand buck.

Now, “Who pays to get a job?” Of course, it’s a scam.

Always remember, if you have to pay a joining fee for some program that promises to teach you how to make a lot of money, then it’s most probably a scam. They’re the ones who end up making a lot of money by scamming innocent people.

Now, there are some sites that pay their users but wait, don’t be so happy about it already. Here’s the catch, they delay their payments a lot and pay very less after many complaints.

Such a little amount for so much of hard work is not worth it!

There are so many better ways you can earn money online today. You can earn comparatively more in lesser time if you know the right ways of making money online. It’s 2017, and today exists hundreds of legit ways to make money online.

I’ve personally learned the best ways of earning money online, from these 7 tips.

MYTH #7 – If I don’t succeed at once, it’s a scam

Last week a friend of mine called and said in frustration — ‘Duh! Earning money on the internet is a scam. It never works in reality.’

I was confused so I asked him ‘What’s the matter?’

He said ‘I wrote an article on iWriter a couple of days ago which got rejected. I didn’t earn a single penny for the 4 hours of work I put in. I even think that the client may have taken notes from my article and then rejected it! It’s all fake. I don’t trust anymore.’

It was shocking to me because he had come to a conclusion about something based on a very small event. I, then, explained to him, how earning money online works and how he can optimize his time and skills to make the most out of this opportunity.

I feel sad sometimes because a lot of people have the same mindset about earning money online. The worst part is that they don’t even realize about the golden opportunities they’re missing. Only because nobody told them what’s the truth.

Never give up on something because of initial failures. Everyone makes mistakes in the beginning, and it’s completely okay to do so. Learn from the mistakes you make and always focus on improving.


Well, the very obvious answer to that is ‘Be careful’ with whom you’re trusting and where you’re putting your money.

1) Don’t trust blindly:

Even if someone seems to be great and honest, it is always advisable to have your own check. Today you have access to almost every piece of information. You have so much knowledge at your disposal, you can GOOGLE anything and be an expert on the same topic. So whenever you come across something new, do your own google search.

2) Pick up skills:

Yes! You heard that right. You need to pick up as many skills as you can and master them. The more skills you have, the better are your chances of making a lot of money. Do your own research and find out what’s missing around that you can fill.

Find what you’re good at and work hard in making it better. Improvise, each time, just so you can be the best. And when that best offers any value to people — Yes! You know what I’ll say next.

You’ll make Money!

You can either get professional courses from sites like Udemy or you can learn from YouTube for free. The choice is left up to you! For you to make a decision!

The bottom line is that you can learn anything you want on the internet. So, what are you waiting for? Start learning right now.

3) Be patient:

Like I’ve already said, success doesn’t happen overnight. Success is a long journey that you have to walk. The people you look up to on the internet make you think that they got it done easily, but the truth is that they worked real hard. You can see the money/fame/lifestyle they have but what you can’t see is the amount of hard work and sacrifices that go into this.

Nothing good has ever come easy.

If you want to make that much money, if you want to have that much fame, if you want to have that particular kind of lifestyle, then my friend let me tell you — It is not going to come easy. You have to work day in and day out. You need to be really committed to achieving your goals. There will be a lot of failures but don’t let them stop you.


Hope this article helps you in starting your online journey.

Also, please share this article with your friends to let them know the truth behind earning money online.

And, if you’ve any experience to share, then do share your thoughts in the comment section below, I would love to listen to it!

Thanks for reading all the way.

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