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Bharat Online is a part of a huge SCAM network targeting Indians. Their sites often show up at the top of google search results page and as a result, a lot of people are getting scammed by them everyday.

Bharat Online Work Review

Right now they have 7 identical websites hosted on the same server:

  • – SCAM!
  • – SCAM!
  • – SCAM!
  • – SCAM!
  • – SCAM!
  • – SCAM!
  • – SCAM!

All of these sites are SCAMS, run by the same owner!

In order to deceive the visitors, they have mentioned several things on their site which make them appear trustworthy & genuine. For example, they say they’re a “govt registered company” with an ISO certificate. They even published their contact address (with a map) which is rarely done on sites like these. But after a bit of research, I found that every one of those claims is a LIE. Here’s why:

Fake Photoshopped Certificate

When reviewing this site, the first thing which caught my eye was the image of their ISO certificate. It is supposed to be from QA International, which is a certification body based in United Kingdom. Below is a picture comparing an original certificate issued by QAI (on the left) & the one posted by Bharat Work Online.

fake-certificateNotice the difference in font? They have clearly edited another company’s certificate and have added their name and address. The funny thing is, they forgot to change the country code from “HK” (Hong Kong) to “IN” (India). You can also check if a certificate is valid on QAI’s website. As expected “Bharat Online Media” is not in their records.

Fake contact address

When checking their TIN number in Delhi government’s Trade and Taxes website, a part of the address is different from the one posted on their website.


Munirka Vihar & Munirka Village are two different places in Delhi.

Company not registered

First of all, registering a company does not make it genuine. Remember that, you should never spend money on a site unless you are 100% sure it is trustworthy.

That said, Bharat Online Media is NOT a govt registered company. They are not listed in the MCA’s website. You can check if a company really exists by searching its name here.

Very obvious fake payment proofs

This is a no brainer. They’re talking about earning through surveys and then showing payments received from google adsense & affiliate sites which are in no way related to surveys! One of the companies ( which is shown in their payment proofs, had actually shutdown few years back.

Hundreds of complaints on the web.

One of the things which separates BharathOnlineJob from other scammers is that they offer “cash on delivery” for their CDs. The CD is supposed to give instructions for starting work and it costs Rs. 1490/- which should be paid during delivery.


There are hundreds of complaints on the internet from people who have purchased the CD stating that it contains worthless information.

At this point, it is pretty obvious that the Bharat Online Work is a fraud. But always stay alert, because these guys have a practice of creating new sites with new names whenever their old site gathers a lot of complaints online.

Also check out our 5 ways to identify scams online for tips to stay away from scams like these in future.

Do you have any other site which you’d like us to review? Post them in the comments section below.

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