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About FastRupee

Do you want to earn extra income online?



You’re in the right place.

At FastRupee, we try to answer questions like…

What are the legitimate ways to earn money online?
How do I start my online business?
How do I grow my blog/website?

If you’re looking for a trusted source to learn about online income, you’ve come to the right place.

How FastRupee can help you earn more money?

The internet is filled with so many scams right now that it’s difficult even for talented people to find a good opportunity online.

That’s why FastRupee was started: To share the legitimate ways to make money online and help you stay away from all the scams & time wasters out there.

We do all the testing and research behind the scenes to see which methods work so that you can save time and start earning money from those methods fast.

Meet The Team

shyam-aboutShyam Sundar – Founder

I started FastRupee in the early 2011 to share about PTC sites and show people how to transfer the money they earn to India using PayPal.

At that time very few people in India knew about this and since I made it very simple with the help of videos, FastRupee started to grow. Soon, It became the No.1 site on Google India for people searching for ‘How to Earn Money Online’. We reached about 2 lakh unique visitors per month.

But, after sometime I realised a major part of my audience didn’t like PTC sites and my referrals weren’t making as much money as me.

That pushed me to redesign fastrupee completely to what it is right now. We started to focus on the people and made sure the methods we suggest works for them. We have tested these methods with hundreds of people like you and helped them earn money with it.

I’m really proud of the new FastRupee. It has come a long way and I believe it will truly help you achieve your goals.




Subhang Mishra – Co-Founder

Subhang gives practical insights from the user perspective. He drives a lot of what happens on FastRupee.

He is my college mate and came into fastrupee in the early 2015 after winning a writing contest conducted by me.

After Subhang came into the picture, he has been a key factor in making FastRupee what it is today. He is also an aspiring writer and has posted several helpful articles on FastRupee’s blog.

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